Gas Boiler Servicing in Lithuania

We service Junkers, Buderus, Berretta, Ferroli, Baxi, Viessmann, Dakon, Viadrus, ProTherm, Vaillant, Kalvis, Lamborghini gas boilers.

Gas boiler is an important part to every household where hot water is needed.

It is crucial to keep gas boilers well maintained and serviced, so they would work effectively and serve you for a long time without posing risk to your family's health. 

We will solve all the issues related to gas boilers. Our experienced specialists will consult and advise which one to choose from many and provide maintenance.

Gas boiler installation and servicing

Our experienced fixers will solve all your issues related to gas boilers. They will also help you to choose and if needed to install gas boiler.

Vaillant dujinis katilas

Vaillant gas boiler

Call and order our specialist consultation

We service ACV, Ariston, Atmos, Baxi, Beretta, Bosch, Bradford, Buderus, Chappee, Dedietrich, Fer, Ferroli, Gazlux, Junkers, Kalvis, Kospel, Lamborghini, Proterm, Sime, Stropuva, Vaillant, Viadrus, Viessmann gas boilers.