Storage Water Heater Servicing

If you want to have stable flow of hot water in your house it is crucial to service water heater on time. When there is an issue, our fixers will help you to fix it right away.

Inside storage water heaters there is anode, which prevents from "aggressive" water getting through walls of the heater. When time passes, anode gets too dirty to function well. Our fixers will estimate anode quality and if there is a need, they will replace it with new one. It will help you to economy electricity, but will prevent from water heater failing completely.

We are offering installation and maintenance services in Vilnius and other major cities in Lithuania.

Call us and we will arrive in no-time to estimate state of water heater and service it as needed.

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boilerio uzkalkeijimas

Storage water heater that needs servicing. Notice state of anode

We service all brands of storage water heaters